The Relationship Between Music And Dance In Ancient China

It is universally accepted that the music and dance have the closest relationships in the family of art. They born together and cooperate with each other in the long development process, creating a series of extraordinary music culture and dance culture.

The relationship between music and dance can trace back to the primitive society. Even though the human beings at that time have language as the most important communication tool, students who come to learn Chinese in China should know that they would sing to express their feelings when they failed to express with language. However, when they failed to express the strong feelings with songs, they would dance to realize it.

Unfortunately, the music and dance in the ancient times have disappeared. We can just find some trace in the unearthed cultural relics and ancient books. Some foreign learners who come to study Chinese in China may have heard about the pottery basin with dancing patterns unearthed in Sunjiazhai Village of Qinghai in the year of 1973. It is famous for the recording of the dancing in ancient times.

In 1944, another one was also unearthed in Qinghai. The patterns on them are all the people who are dancing hand in hand. It is very familiar with the singing and dancing scene of the ethnic people lives in the bordering areas. They all become the important materials to study the music and dance in ancient times.

Another important relic about the music and dance in ancient times is found in Cangyuan in Yunnan in 1965. There is a fighting scene that is made up of 21 people. Some of them are holding the shields and some holding the weapons. When you come to study Mandarin in China, teachers may tell you that it reflects that the weapons were used in ancient dancing to show the fighting spirit.

The ancient books are also an important resource for us to know the music and dance in ancient times like “lv shi chun qiu”. It is recorded that there was large scale of dancing with music in ancient China. From the historical relics, those who learn Chinese in China can see that music and dance appeared jointly at the very beginning. Therefore, even though they formed different artistic forms in development process, they still closely related, forming rich music and dance forms.

In brief, the relationship between music and dance is very close. Even they have formed different artistic forms, they still closely related. That is to say, it is hard for us to separate them.

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The Wedding Dj Alternative

Having a wedding DJ is always a great idea for entertainment at your impending reception party, but being in control of your own music is just too irresistible an idea to pass up. These assist in ensuring your wedding reception, corporate function, birthday party or any other occasion will be a night to remember with jukebox hiring services.

An easy to use, touch screen jukebox is what you will be given when you enlist in professional help, one that is ideal for any function. It is simple to navigate the touch screen interface, which makes provisions for anyone being able to use it. There are no confusing buttons, song books or index systems to confuse the user, just a simple song selection and touch.

You will also be able to select your music from a wide range of songs. From rock to pop, dance and jazz, the selections include music from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s up to today’s music. There are over 14,500 of these to choose from – between local and international acts in English and Afrikaans.

The machine also acts as a “virtual DJ”, being able to play songs even when there is no selection made. This way, awkward silences are avoided. Modern jukeboxes also offer high quality sound (no more snap, crackle and pop!).

Where’s why you should choose a jukebox for your next event:

– A completely cashless system, where you do not need to insert coins or even have money on you for the event. You can access all the songs absolutely free once the machine is delivered and set up;

– A touchscreen interface, so that you can easily find and play your favourite songs;

– A track queuing system where songs are played on a first-come-first-serve basis, and there is no queue jumping. This way, everyone gets a turn to choose songs; and this is sure to happen. The machine is extremely appealing for those who are music lovers;

– You can also easily set the volume to a level that suits you;

– There is no cut-off time, so you are able to party all night long;

– It is also completely upgradeable.

Jukeboxes are the ultimate “Virtual DJ”. You can select your own music, create a playlist with a backlog of all your favourite tracks, and keep the music rolling all night long while you and your guests party away. Having consistent music is essential when entertaining your guests, since we all have a social nature – whether it be moth or butterfly – it exists within everybody. Having a reliable machine with variety and consistency is important, and a jukebox will give you just that.

Music Composition

Music composition and the song industry are constantly growing. Music composition is a broad field that entails both the instrumental and song lyric writing. Music is an area that consistently remains lively and attracts the masses. More and more people now pursue the career of professional music composition. Music composers, songwriters, and vocalists play a very important role in the world of music. We grow up amidst wonderful music from the past and revel in it for many years. This is the foundation for music and song in each of our lives, the quintessential of song composition.

The Composers
A song’s roots can be traced back to its composer – its origin. The music is the foundation for any song. Making music is a very artistic profession that is accomplished with the usage of musical instruments. The composer could use various musical markings, including dynamic contrast, articulations, and conductor directions, to shape the written piece into a harmonious composition, once played. When you have the framework for the song, you can then supplement its components.

The Songwriters
A songwriter also plays an important role in music composition or creating music. Once you have the groundwork of the music for the particular song, you can move on to putting words into these melodies, with special attention given to rhythm. You must also understand the mood of the song. Using the tempo to play around with the music and lyrics enhances the quality of the song. The lyrics should complement the melody, creating a cohesive song to be enjoyed by many.

The Vocalists
Once the music and lyrics of the song have been decided upon, the vocalist has the job of bringing the melody to life during the music composition process. With the advancement in technology and the growth of the music industry, recording songs can be done at a more basic level, having more accessible tools available to be used. In addition, the vocalist would need to feel the mood of the song to provide his or her own personal touch.

Overall, music composition is an extensive process. This is because it requires the artistic skills of many individuals for it all to come together. From making the music, to adding lyrics and also making vocals, it is a very artistic process. Dedication is an undeniable aspect of the music industry. Every person involved in the making of a song has a dream hidden in it, and the final product is that dream taking shape – that is music-making. Working and collaborating with musicians can significantly increase the quality of your music production.

Music Recording Courses Take You Beyond Cool, To Professional

What do the Kylie Minogue, Eminem and the latest singing sensation, The Pussycat Dolls, have in common? They are stars recognized worldwide. They have gained entry into millions of households through the records of their singing. These stars’ success depends on the effective recording of their music. They need professionals to do quality recording for them. You can be one of these professionals by enrolling in a music recording course. Consider the opportunity – would you like to be a “recorder of music stars”?

How does a Music Recording course work?

Music recording is a complex world of high-technology equipment. With a music recording course, professionals are given the necessary expertise to effectively dominate this arena. The Music Recording course may be given during classroom training but there are also online course offerings on the subject.

How does a Music Recording Course differ from other courses?

A Music Recording Course is different from other courses because it requires a high degree of interaction, as opposed to courses that can be learned via book-learning. To learn music recording, you should first learn the techniques associated with it plus the technicality of the music itself. Also, in a Music Recording Course, you should be open to start from the basics and learn your way to the more complicated subjects.

What subjects fall under a Music Recording Course?

* Mixing – Mixing teaches you how to use various professional software to mix a song. For instance, a slow tempo song like “I Will Always Love You” from the movie “The Bodyguard” can be mixed and molded into a fast tempo song. In mixing, you learn about how to add beats, vocals, and chords to the original soundtrack to change the mood and feel of the song.

* Mastering and Audio Editing – Music has some cardinal rules that one should follow. At the same time, there is a degree of freedom in terms of providing different styles to a certain musical recording. With Mastering and Audio Editing, you get to learn which features of a recorded cassette should be edited to make the music feel more professional. You will also learn what styles work well for different types of music.

These are just two subjects are available and come from a long list of courses offered under the umbrella of a Music Recording Course. What we can assure you is this, when you learn from a Music Recording Course, you will definitely be changed from a plain enthusiast to a potential record producer to the stars.